Tournament Kickoff Again - Won by FC

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for your pressed granite nails
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opp missed scheduled time, calling act

shouldn't matter if it's a wednesday, i wasted 30 mins waiting for this person, who came on smogon after i said i was online and ignored my message. i shouldn't have to reschedule just because it's early in the week.
Luigi en SPL
Round 2

Rhmsitb  vs  Nael222
ox04  vs  Kenny
The White Room  vs  TJ
Snekneek731  vs  Sunsteel Smash
1729is56time  vs  SwaggyHere
zo  vs  Some Thug
Bhalal  vs  GeniusFromHoenn
damien the genius  vs  The Strap
Msousagamer  vs  Autumnchi
For 4LOM  vs  MTB
-Leon-  vs  Fc
OreoSpeedruns  vs  Etherios
Lasen  vs  Edstur98
Drifting  vs  gorex
Caxixi  vs  EviGaro
NHelioX7  vs  Concept Everything
Latias  vs  Inder
Takatk  vs  SiTuM
iKiQ  vs  Manaphy
Opelucid  vs  entrocefalo
One Last Kiss  vs  RichardMillePlain
Chloe  vs  SpaceSpeakers
Frito  vs  Ainzcrad
Ziyeh  vs  Vileman
lele3  vs  Nuklia
Stallion  vs  freezai
ImDoneThrowing  vs  Asmodean
FatFighter2  vs  Aberforth
avarice  vs  Shaneghoul
7u9i2  vs  shadowtime2000
TyCarter  vs  Hrishioo7
crucify  vs  Trade

Deadline: Sunday, December 4th
Contacted opponent
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